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Kawasaki Kz900 and Kz1000
Police Page


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Kawasaki were quick to sell the Z1 to the various police forces of America. From as early as 1974 right up to present day. The letter C in their frame number identifies these bikes. Models after 1981 were known as the KZ1000-P. They were finished in white and fitted out in all the police gear. The popular seventies TV series 'CHIPS' brought them to everybody's attention. Quite a few of them have found their way to Europe and there is even an owners club for them, where owners dress up like Californian highway patrol officers and ride around the country posing.



The UT Dallas Police Department established a motorcycle unit in October 1998. The unit was implemented by Assistant Chief Debra Marable to assist with traffic enforcement on the constantly growing campus. Each officer is selected from officer initiated interest and are certified through a rigorous 80 hours training program. The program starts with basic riding techniques advances to an extensive course on handling the motorcycle in various types of environments and law enforcement scenarios.

The Motors Unit is an excellent community policing tool. The unit is also used to assist with special events and traffic accident investigation. The Department currently operates two 1999 Kawasaki KZ1000 motorcycles. The KZ1000 is equipped with the latest police motorcycle equipment.