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Kawasaki Kz900 and Kz1000


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On this page I'll include a list of links to other web sites that I enjoy. I may also include an explanation of what I like about the site.

Here's a link to a site that I look at every day:

Here's a link to the site I enjoy looking at:

Here's a link to a web site that sells a lot of kz900 and kz1000 motorcycle parts:

Here is a site I look at for fun:

This is twin brothers website so he asked me to put it on my site for him:

Here is a site that sells parts for the kz900 ans kz1000 but its out of the uk, but they have a lot of performance parts:

Here is a link to a totally trickout kz:

Here is a link to a guy that does his own work to on his kz, its worth the time to look at

Here is a link to the kz-z1 owners club:

Here is a criuser with a kawasaki kz1000 engine, if i were you i would check it out: