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Kawasaki Kz900 and Kz1000


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This is my bike when I got it.


I bought this bike from my brother-in-law because he bought a Harley Davidson Sporster. This kz was dumped by my brother-in-law when he was driving in a sandy parking lot(So it wasn't his fault). But it needs handlebars, a turnsignal, and a headgasket. I bought a 1015cc piston kit but I will not put them in because I want to live alittle longer. I am also getting it painted a GM yellow new this year I believe but I might change my mind.


-K&N individual air filter
-aftermarket exhaust
-drag handlebars

That is all I can afford for it right now

Modifications going to be done in the future:
-coil and coil wires
-aluminium rearsets
-gsxr frontend
-electronic ignition
-dual headlights
-smaller turnsignals(front and rear)

This is my bike as of January 14 2001


This is the frame for the motor and I might paint it but I don't know yet, its too cold in Mass right now.


This is the engine out of the beast and that thing ways a ton.


Here is the exhaust and I am still tring to figure out who made it. It also needs to be painted but will wait till later on because I am not in a rush for it.

This is my bike as of January 20 2001.


This is the engine with the head off and I started to paint it black but I ran out of paint.


The is the head off the engine but I need to clean the carbon out of it.

This is my bike as of January 30 2001


I think tha black paint looks better with the chrome accents. When I put this engine back in, the long engine bolt in front of the engine snapped but my dad bought me one.


Here is a better view of the engine.


Here is the head off the engine after it has been painted. I cleaned the carbon in the combustion chamber but i didn't finish quite yet. I also painted the valve cover and that looks GREAT!!

As of March 30 2000


I just got my bike painted a nice corvette yellow and i got some smaller turn signals for it and i also got a crome tachometer for it and its nice. Thats me on my bike

As of May 15 2001


Well i am almost done but i am think next winter i am going to fix it up more and add a big bore kit and use it. I am also trying to save my money and buy myself a Harley Davidson but i will keep the Kawasaki because it is a blast to drive around.